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Baby Shower Gifts

Did you get invited to a baby shower, but aren't sure what gift to bring? A lot of people will bring baby clothes, but those won't fit after a few weeks. Some experienced parents will bring diapers - they'll fit for longer, and new parents will need HUNDREDS of them. But they just get used and thrown away. 

Why not buy something that will last until the new baby has grown up? Something that the parents need and will get YEARS of use out of? Something that Mom and Dad will see every day, remember, and be thankful for?

EliteBaby has you covered. Our Essentials Package and Elite Package have everything you need to start baby proofing a home! You'll save countless bumps, bruises, and calls to Poison Control with our durable, non-toxic baby safety lineup. 

If you're looking for something smaller, you should try out our pacifier clips. We carry them in girls', boys' and gender neutral color packs, and they're a cute way to keep pacifiers clean. No one knows what style of pacifier a baby will like, but we know that our clips will fit whatever they choose. No more filthy dropped, thrown, or spit out pacifiers!


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